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Internet comedian Druski is usually the one making the jokes, but this time the script got flipped.

While on stage at a recent show, Druski was happily watching a woman walk across the stage as she hyped the crowd up. But Druski appeared to get a bit too entranced by her, and while attempting to walk down a set of steps, he tripped and landed on his hands.

The crowd immediately began laughing, and Druski played into it by cracking jokes about the white woman in question, saying, “If it ain’t snowing, I ain’t going,” and saying he twisted his ankle.

“And what the f-ck yall doing? You ain’t catch me n-gga,” he says to his on-stage staff. “I ain’t paying yall two dollars an hour for nothing.”

The fall made its way back to social media, and screenshots of the ankle-twisting got hilariously photoshopped into different scenarios.

Druski going on his Druski: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Tour –which currently boasts over 30 dates– signals that the social media comedian has entered a new stage of his career as he successfully hopped off the timeline and onto stages across the country in places like  New York, Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Born Drew Dawit Desbordes, Druski recently told Billboard how his joke-cracking on Twitter leading to hosting shows for some of the biggest rappers in the world, opened up the idea of taking his show on the road.

“I think the idea started to cement itself in my mind when I was hosting shows on music tours for J. Cole and Chris Brown and Lil Baby,” Druski told Billboard. “It’s like this is my time to shine and finally step into that spotlight. I could continue doing stuff on social media forever, or I could jump somewhere else and prove I’m more than just an Internet star.”

See the best jokes about Druski tripping on stage below.