New couple alert! Well, maybe. Social media star Druski is known for trolling his fans with many of his memorable skits and his ongoing pseudo-beef with Birdman. Now, the Maryland native might be in a relationship with model Rubi Rose. The rumors first sparked Sunday night when Druski took to social media to post a […]

Unfortunately, for Kai Cenat and Druski, the focus is not on how funny their skits were but how disrespectful they were towards Black women.

Druski‘s comedic ways may have gotten him into a situation that his jokes can’t get him out of. The social media comedian reportedly had his chain taken by Birdman in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, on Friday, it began when Birdman ran up on Druski while at a recording studio. The video footage shows Druski […]

That's right: Druski's already got his first signing in Princely Umanmielen.

Internet comedian Druski is usually the one making the jokes, but this time the script got flipped. While on stage at a recent show, Druski was happily watching a woman walk across the stage as she hyped the crowd up. But Druski appeared to get a bit too entranced by her, and while attempting to […]