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Fashion Brands Enforcing Vaccine Mandates Despite Supreme Court Ruling

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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and that’s due to several reasons. Companies are desperately trying to navigate the situation and safely get their employees back to work in the office. The only way to do that effectively is through vaccine mandates.

Yes, the Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s test-or-vaccine mandate for larger employees, placing the ball in the companies’ court to choose to enforce them, and a number of them are stepping up to the challenge despite a small number of employees pushing back. Again, those workers protesting are in the minority, with most Americans believing companies should require their employees to get vaccinated to return to work.

With polling on their side, those companies are pushing on, sticking to their guns, and have reportedly begun firing employees who are not complying. Recently, some big-name fashion brands have announced the termination of their employees who refuse to get the jab for whatever reason, choosing their employees’ safety over protecting “personal freedoms.” We compiled a list of those brands and will update it as more companies get on the vaccination or bust bandwagon.

Peep them in the still growing gallery below.

Photo: Natalie Behring / Getty

1. Nike

Nike Releases Earnings Report Amid Internal Shake Up Over Sexist Behavior Source:Getty

Nike is not playing, and as of January 15, it reportedly began terminating employees who decided not to follow the company’s iconic motto and “Just Do It” and get vaccinated. 

2. Carhartt

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As of Tuesday (Jan.18), Carhartt is the latest brand to enforce a vaccine mandate with its employees. CEO Mark Valade sent an internal memo to all Carhartt employees on Friday, January 14, stating that they will continue to enforce vaccinations despite the Supreme Court’s terrible decision. Carhartt’s decision has come under fire from MAGA enthusiasts who claim they will boycott the company. We are still waiting for video footage of them burning their Carhartt work jackets and pants. 

3. VF Corporation

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The North Face, Vans, Supreme, and Timbaland’s parent company VF Corporation let its employees know in an eternal email that as soon as January 31, 2022, it will begin giving unvaccinated employees the boot. Unless they can prove health or religious reasons keep prohibiting them from getting the vaccine. The decision affects office-based employees in the U.S. but will eventually be enforced with other U.S. associates in the spring. There is no word on if the mandate will apply to retail store employees, but don’t be shocked if it does. Per Hypebeast, approximately 30 employees at Vans headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, walked out in protest following the decision. They left their Vans sneakers with handwritten notes expressing their disappointment in the courtyard of the office complex.