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Cancel culture might have their newest prey. Carhartt will be enforcing the vaccine mandate at their retail stores and some folks (we know who) are none too happy about the news.

As spotted on Forbes the Dearborn, Michigan company is trending online and it has Twitter split down the middle. Last week the CEO Mark Valade sent an internal memo to all Carhartt employees on Friday, January 14 stating that they will continue to enforce vaccinations even though the Supreme Court temporarily blocked Joseph Biden’s private employer mandate. “This ruling does not change Carhartt’s mandatory vaccination program, which went into effect on January 4th. We put workplace safety at the very tope of our priority list and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling doesn’t impact that core value” the letter read.

The note was leaked online causing Carhartt to get slandered by the anti-vaxx community. “Boycott @Carhartt – I will never buy their products again. No one should ever be forced to have an invasive medical procedure for employment…” one Twitter user wrote. “I won’t buy one more hat, or one more product from a company that discriminates against its employees on health matters. Currently at my place of employment, all the sick are double and triple vaxed. This requirement is asinine and discriminatory!” was another response found on the #carhartt hashtag search.

It seems that the brand has heard some of the criticism prompting them to respond and clarify their stance. “Carhartt fully understands and respects the varying opinions on this topic, and we are aware some of our associates do not support this policy. However, we stand behind our decision because we believe vaccines are necessary to protect our workforce,” Carhartt said in a statement to Forbes.

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