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Herschel Walker Pulls Out Toy Badge During GA Senate Debate

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Republican GA Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been dodging a debate with Senator Raphael Warnock like he dodged defensive linemen during his collegiate and professional football career. Based on his performance Friday night, October 14, we all see why he and his team didn’t want him standing opposite Warnock.

Herschel Walker has no business running for a political seat. We all know this, but his debate performance cemented this. Today’s GOP led by Cheetoh Mussolini, Donald Trump, has no bottom and continues to get behind political candidates like Walker, who have no clue, but what makes them attractive to MAGA Republicans is their loyalty to Trump and this push for a return to America where “white is always right.”

Walker is the perfect Black GOP candidate, he gives them their excuse to say they care about Black people, and they get a candidate they can rely on to push their agenda without any pushback.

Senator Warnock doesn’t have to work hard to show why Walker is not fit to be a US Senator because the GOP candidate is doing the work for him.

When the current hot topic of “inflation was brought up by the moderator, Senator Warnock hit all the right talking points. Warnock accurately pointed out that Walker said he would have voted against the act that would do things like capping the price of insulin.

In his response, which was nothing but words put together, he claimed he was for lowering the price of insulin, but people have to “eat right.”

The biggest joke of the night was when Walker pulled out a prop police badge after Senator Warnock called CAP on him being a cop; Walker doubled down on the lie.

Twitter Has Been Roasting Herschel Walker

Senator Warnock doesn’t have to do anything following the debate because Twitter did all of the work and is still flaming Herschel Walker for his debate performance.

The GOP is a sh*t show.

You can peep more reactions to Herschel Walker’s disastrous performance in the gallery below.

Photo: The Washington Post / Getty

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