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Between Kendrick Lamar vs. J. Cole, Quavo vs. Chris Brown and Drake vs., well, damn near everybody, Hip-Hop beefs have become all the rage lately, and they have been a non-stop source of debate and controversy on social media. Meanwhile, Ja Rule wants to remind everybody of his place in the rap beef archives by comparing the current rap sagas to his legendary rivalry with 50 Cent and G-Unit.

“20 V 1 I can relate,” Ja tweeted Saturday in reference to a line in Drake’s clapback at Kendrick in his new song, “Push Ups.”

A few minutes after that post, the “Thug Lovin'” rapper appeared to want to do the responsible thing by reminding people that Hip-Hop is or should be about peace and love, not just who “wins” a diss battle.

“Hip hop is a family… and no one wins when the family feuds!!! Don’t let that go over your head…,” Ja tweeted, adding the hashtag, “#hiphopvseverybody.”

Of course, the issue Ja Rule is going to have when it comes to weighing in on rap beef and referencing his own back and forth with 50 is that, much like the somewhat related beef between Eminem and Benzino, the general consensus is the outcome of the rivalry was pretty one-sided. It’s no secret that most spectators are of the opinion that Ja lost that contestby a lot. In fact, in response to fans pointing it out, the “Always On Time” artist claimed, “G-Unit literally had an ORDER OF PROTECTION against murder Inc…,” and asked rhetorically, “Can you imagine if one of the camps in this beef right now put an order of protection on the other…”

Still, if the responses to Ja’s tweets are any indication, folks still overwhelmingly believe he was on the losing side of Ja vs. Fif.

In fact, let’s take a look at some of those responses, shall we?