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Jamie Foxx has an apparent love for white women, and it has sparked some hilarious reactions on Twitter.

The 54-year-old talented multi-hyphenate is a fan of the swirl. That was made apparent after being spotted getting real cozy with a mystery blonde (not Lindsey Vonn photographed above) while galavanting in the South of France.

Jamie Foxx can be seen in 4K kissing, riding a jet ski, and snuggled up with the mystery white woman.

Foxx is currently at the Cannes Film Festival with the rest of Hollywood, flexing and sharing footage of his adventures via his Instagram Stories.

Once the photos hit timelines, Twitter couldn’t help but make light of Jamie Foxx’s love for white women. After learning that the actor dated his Collateral co-star Tom Cruise’s baby mama Katie Holmes for several years, the world was thrown for a loop.

After the breakup with Holmes, he was spotted holding hands with singer Sela Vave but asserted their relationship was strictly professional.

While Foxx is currently enjoying the single life and has expressed to E! News’ Daily Pop that he has no intentions of getting married, something he and Nick Cannon both agree on.

Twitter decided to focus on the fact that their favorite Jamie Foxx songs could have been written for a white woman and have been clowning Foxx’s affinity for swirling and not entertaining Black women.

Whoever said the last Black women they saw Jamie Foxx with was Fancy is hilarious!” one Twitter user wrote. 

Jamie Foxx pretending to like Black women in his movies is honestly his best and most convincing performances,” another person added. 

There are some users who don’t have an issue with Foxx dating white women primarily because he doesn’t use to degrade Black women.

“Y’all wanna know why black women still support Jamie Foxx even though his dating preference is white women???? Cuz we ain’t heard or seen him disrespecting or disparaging black women… that’s the key,” another Twitter user noted.

Get your swirl on Jamie Foxx.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Romain Maurice / Getty

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