Kamala Harris & Charlamagne tha God Get Into Heated Exchange

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Madam Vice President Kamala Harris made it very clear to Charlamagne tha God that President Joe Biden is running the country.

During the season finale of Comedy Central show Tha Gods Honest Truth with Charlamagne tha God, Vice President Kamala Harris and Charlamgane got into a tense exchange when he asked who was “running the country?” The titular host criticized President Biden for failing to deliver on his promises to the American people. The Breakfast Club host primarily focused on POTUS’ $2 million spending package that is currently stalled because moderate West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin refuses to get behind it.

“Who’s the real president of this country?” Charlamagne dared to ask. “Is it Joe Manchin or Joe Biden?”

“No, no, no, no. It’s Joe Biden,” a visibly perturbed Kamala Harris responded, “And don’t start talking like a Republican about asking whether or not he’s president. It’s Joe Biden, and I’m vice president. My name is Kamala Harris.”

Later in the interview, Charlamagne warned the vice president that Biden not delivering on key parts of his agenda could cost him votes with the Black community.

“At what point do we like, you know, stop being politicians and just be real with the American people, Madam Vice President? Because we know Joe Manchin is ruining this country and stuff,” Charlamagne said. “The stuff he’s holding up progress on, our hurt and people that are hurting Black people in particular. If Democrats allow Joe Manchin to continue to do this, how do you convince Black people to come out and continue to vote for you?”

Harris pushed back again, pointing out that the Republican Party “consistently and unanimously standing in the way of progress” is the issue, not the Democrat Party’s internal fighting.

“It is my recollection that not one (GOP member) voted for the American Rescue Plan. It is my knowledge that we couldn’t get them to even agree, not one to debate,” Harris explained. “On what we were, except maybe Lisa Murkowski at some different points to debate about what we need to do on voting couldn’t get because of Republican opposition, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to get up for a vote, something I helped write with Cory Booker.”

“In this year of our Lord 2021 in America and on some basic issues like upholding our democracy, we can’t get bipartisan support and therefore can’t get it through,” Harris further added.

Twitter, of course, had thoughts on the exchange between the vice president and Charlamagne tha God. You can peep them in the gallery below.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty


She definitely was over it. 


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