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Kid Cudi may have reconciled with Kanye West, but now he’s beefing with another Chicago-born rapper, Lupe Fiasco.

The beef stems from the two former friends’ 2014 incident, where Cudi claims Fiasco was charging fans $500 for a personalized verse. Fiasco claims Cudi’s been avoiding him ever since airing out the hustle, and the disagreement reignited earlier this month when Cudi was on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music show to talk about his INSANO album.

Cudi’s roots came up, including his oft-mentioned time working at New York’s BAPE store. While working there in 2008, he said he got word that Fiasco was coming through to shop, so he hid in the stockroom.

It was common practice for Cudi to hide when famous rappers entered the store because he didn’t want them to make fun of him for it once he became famous.

“If you think about it, he hates me to this day! He hates me,” Cudi said of Fiasco. “So I was right, I was onto something. I sensed something in the universe. I was like, ‘F-ck this, I can’t have nobody making a diss record like, ‘Yeah, you rang me up, muthaf-cka.’”

The war of words ignited then, with Fiasco responding on X and immediately resorting to name-calling.


“Kid Cudi is a b-tch,” Fiasco wrote. “And continues to be a b-tch. Ain’t nobody finna bring up he used to work at the Bape Store to diss his b-tch a-s for having a regular job before he was a famous b-tch with a cool job.”

He continued, explaining that Cudi still avoids him 10 years after the initial beef.

“Till this day this b-tch won’t get on the phone and even when we at the same festivals they won’t allow me to go to his stage. He ducks calls, face to faces,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “All I wanted was an explanation at the least my bad. Cuz I’ve never done anything to him except support. Now it’s f-ck him 4 life and keep my name out your mouth b-tch…”

Thankfully, the two rappers eventually peaced it up, thanks to Cudi apologizing for his wrongdoing.

“Love u g,” Cudi tweeted in part. “I’m sorry if i hurt u man. Life is too short. Hope u can find it in ur heart to get past this.”

See how social media’s reacting to the latest chapter in the Cudi and Fiasco beef below.