1. Frank Waln

This Scangu Lakota hip-hop artist and activist has steadily risen to fame over the past couple of years, being featured in The Fader, Vibe, NPR, Teen Vogue, and more.

2. Thosh Collins

Collins is a photographer who uses his O’odham teachings to share “positive, cutting edge, stylized images of Indigenous people, cultures, and communities.” He is also co-founder and board member for the Native Wellness Institute, which he and his colleagues use to Indigenize fitness and diet to grow the wellness movement in a way that is holistic and culturally appropriate.

3. Daunnette Reyome

This 16-year-old activist and model propelled to fame when she shared what being Native American means to her in a 2016 Teen Vogue video.

4. Tanaya Winder

Winder is a musician, songwriter and spoken word artist who uses her platform to promote self-love and indigenous visibility.

5. Ryan Young

A Two-Spirit Ojibwe photographer, printmaker, and performance artist, Young’s work demonstrates how art is a tool for identity, activism, and education.

6. Calina Lawrence

Lawrence is a member of the Suquamish Tribe and supported the “Mni Wiconi” movement led by the Standing Rock Sioux. She is also a musician and dedicates her artistry and energy to address POC racial injustice, police brutality, mass-incarceration, gentrification, misrepresentation of Native Americans in education/mainstream United States media, climate injustice, and more. She also attended the 2018 Oscars alongside Shailene Woodley as part of the Time’s Up initiative.

7. Ryan Oliverius

Oliverius is a photographer and fitness influencer, sharing his tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously demonstrating his #NativePride.

8. Tomas Karmelo

Karmelo is a photographer, creative director, filmmaker, and writer born, raised and based in Phoenix, AZ. His work has been known to empower communities by way of high-quality striking images that show dignity, respect and cultural sensitivity for the people he’s honoring. His work has appeared in The Sundance Institute, BuzzFeed News, The Guardian, The Fader, BBC News, and more.

9. Tatyana Daniels

Daniels is the founder of IndGenius, a social enterprise that aims to support Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander youth with their secondary and tertiary education, providing academic tutors to advance their success. She is also an Indigenous Outreach Coordinator in order to increase Indigenous representation in STEM fields.

10. Martin Sensmeier

Sensmeier is an Alaskan Native actor of Tlingit, Kuyoukon-Athabascan descent. He has starred in “The Magnificent Seven” alongside Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke.

11. Bethany Yellowtail

This Los Angeles-based designer utilizes her Native American ancestry to revolutionize style with a contemporary twist. Her brand, B.Yellowtail, tells a story that is true to the Native American community.

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