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Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if Wild ‘N Out comedian and serial procreator Nick Cannon really expects to be taken seriously. He’s a comedic entertainer, so one should expect him to be a jokester and somewhat of a troll, but even when he appears to be showing his serious side, he often appears to be a living satire of himself.

That’s just the easiest way to explain why I kind of have to laugh when the Drumline actor—who has 12 children with six women—says he’s pursuing a master’s degree in child psychology.

During an episode of The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman aptly titled, “The Mother of All Fathers,” Nick Cannon–whose wayward kid-cannon should make him a case study in child psychology rather than an expert–spoke about his pursuits in higher learning, which includes the master’s degree and Ph.D. in “divinity.”

“Yeah, that’ll come in handy,” Berman said, in reference to Cannon receiving a child psych degree. Cannon added that when it comes to the psychological well-being of children, he’s “in that conversation every day.”

“Oh, the presence of a father and how much will they need you and the Freudian aspect of reverting back to your childhood trauma, or the lack thereof. Nature vs nurture. These are conversations I have several times every single day,” Cannon said.

“I’m like, I’m living, whether in therapy on my own or even just wanting to make sure that every single child has what they need, developmentally and emotionally,” he went on to say. “I’m studying the brain and at what point does sensory matter.” (I’m no psych student, but I feel like sensory probably always matters when it comes to the brain. But, whatever.)

I mean, it really did sound like Cannon was being serious, but that word salad full of superficial psychology-related terms doesn’t really help his cause. (Seriously, have you ever heard a more random use of “Freudian?”) It will already be an uphill battle for him not to get mocked over his post-grad aspirations. I mean, if Donald Trump said he was submitting a dissertation on pathological liars, we would also laugh. 

Still, good luck with the degree, Nick. We’re all sure you can find at least a dozen uses for it.

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