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Twitter Reacts To Air Jordan 4 'Crimson' Launch On The SNKRS App

Source: Nike / Jordan Brand

The SNKRS struggle continues. This time it’s the Air Jordan 4 ‘Crimson’ that is causing heartbreak among sneaker fans.

New year, same disappointment when it comes to “shopping” on Nike’s polarizing SNKRS app. Sneakerheads have a strange relationship with the app. It’s like a person who says they will quit drinking after getting insanely drunk the following night, only to break that promise and keep coming back in hopes their luck will change.

Unfortunately for a good number of people, that was not the case. Enthusiastic kicks enthusiasts hit the purchase button as soon as the clock hit 10 am, to be greeted by the pending notification, only to learn via email, “your submission wasn’t selected.”

Like clockwork, SNKRS immediately began trending on social media, and, of course, if you clicked on the trend, you swiftly learned that it was nothing good going on. For every few tweets rubbing in our faces the fact they hit on the app, there were many tweets expressing ire about not getting the latest silhouette of the beloved Air Jordan 4 sneaker. “Everyone who woke up at 7:50 like me to spend money…abeg just go back to bed,” one Twitter user wrote sharing a screenshot of the dreaded news of not being chosen.

Sighs. Will things ever improve? Probably not. We said the game is rigged against you, to begin with. It’s rare that Nike and Jordan Brand goes ham and produce many sneakers, so don’t expect the company to go that route. While they have instituted some measures to curb bots, it’s still quite hard to purchase sneakers on the SNKRS app.

So buckle up, it’s going to be another long year on SNKRS, but we got our fingers crossed for you. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Nike / Jordan Brand

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