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Russell Westbrook’s NBA journey continues.

His time with the Los Angeles Lakers wasn’t working out, so he was dealt to the Utah Jazz. Then, after a contract buyout, he was picked up by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Before the NBA trade deadline, the Clippers traded for guards Eric Gordon and Bones Hyland, which team officials saw as complimentary additions to Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

“Invariably, what’s important is, whether they’re a point guard or not, we need someone that won’t be played off the floor defensively, someone who can share the ball responsibilities, but not yet be so ball-dominant,” said Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank Feb. 10.

Later that night, George was asked about the team’s need to fill an open roster spot with a point guard and took the opportunity to recruit his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, Russell Westbrook.

“I mean, if there’s somebody out there — Russell [Westbrook] — if it makes sense and, obviously it goes with our team, we’re all for it,” Paul George said. “We need a point guard. But in the same, I think we’re good as well. If nothing happened, I think we got enough in this locker room to be able to make it work, but it would definitely improve our team if we had that traditional point guard to kind of get us in things and make the game easy. So hopefully, Russell sees this and, we figure something out.”

Ten days later, Westbrook joined the Clippers. But Twitter’s not too sure how he’ll mesh with his new squad because he likes to ball handle and sometimes can’t enhance the stars around him.

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