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Kim Kardashian isn’t the only West baller with options.

Now that he has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting in his wife back, it seems Ye is playing the field with his pick of models and actresses. In the last week, alone, he was spotted with at least five different women — two of which have been arguing over him publicly, two other baddies who have not yet been identified, and actress Julia Fox.

If Ms. Fox’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she played in the critically acclaimed film Uncut Gems — and her debut performance got her nominated at the 2019 Gotham Awards. Fox and Ye enjoyed a date night over the weekend and if the photos are any indication, their time together was full of good vibes and laughs.

When asked if she would be seeing the superstar again for date no. 2, the beauty kept it coy, simply telling paparazzi “I don’t know,” according to Page Six. Her answer makes sense – like the Wests, Fox isn’t exactly baggage-free at the moment. In fact, she took to Instagram to curse out her child’s father right before Christmas.

“This man left me with a 5 month old and a dog and a home and ALL THE BILLS. It’s wrong!!! It’s not fair,” she wrote alongside a photo of her estranged baby daddy, adding “He can be found at most strip clubs, Lucien, Paul’s bbg, Casablanca, the streets, etc. Please remind him that he has a child to take care of. Oh and if u chill w him knowing damn well he is a deadbeat alcoholic drug addict dad, you are not my friend and I will call you out too. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!” See screenshots here.

All the drama in mind, there’s no telling if we’ll see Fox and Ye together again… especially because Ye so clearly wants that old thang back. But, in the meantime, more photos of the gorgeous actress below.

1. Wild thing.

2. Forbidden fruit.

3. Topless and tasteful.

4. Absolutely stunning.

5. Provocative.

6. No filter.

7. Can you see her and Ye being more than friends?

8. A sweet selfie.

9. A beautiful smile.



12. Supreme team

13. candid