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Today we celebrate a member of one of music’s most talented families.

The Carter-Knowles clan is known to pump-out hits, and you can’t forget Solange in that list too. The 36-year-old has created a lane of her own with albums like her debut Solo Star in 2002 and the follow-up Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. 

Though she always had a recognizable talent and voice, mainstream music didn’t show her the proper respect until her 2016 hit A Seat At The Table. The album reached number one on the BillBoard 200 album, and the neo-soul/funk tracks became a soundtrack for empowerment, struggle, and rising above it all.

“I think that honestly, while writing the record, I was writing for myself, to be honest. I was writing for my family and my friends. I was wanting to be the voice of my group text chat. I was wanting to be the voice of my grandparents,” Solange told NPR. “I was wanting to be the voice of my son, my niece. So I think that’s really the audience that I was writing from the perspective of.”

On top of the breathtaking music, Solange has always been one of the most gorgeous women in R&B. So in honor of Solange’s 36th birthday, check out some of her best Instagram moments below.

1. Deep In Thought

2. Serenity


4. Keep it simple

5. Stay Ready


7. Vintage Vibes


9. Selfie game


11. Pre glam

12. Classic

13. Throwback