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Meet Luvee, The "Essential Worker" 2 Chainz Brought Out During Verzuz

Source: Luvee / Luvee Instagram

If you were tuned into Rick Ross VERZUZ 2 Chainz Thursday night (Aug.7), there was one moment that stood out to you, and it featured two strippers oops we mean essential workers. 


When the Verzuz event first kicked off, the energy was a bit low compared to previous matchups. BUT that quickly changed when 2 Chainz decided it was time to remind us we were definitely in the strip club capital of the world, Atlanta. When Dos Necklaces took us to Lemon Pepper Lou Williams‘ favorite spot to eat Magic City by playing Juicy J’s booty-shaking anthem “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” he used to the moment to bring out two lovely dancers that he described as “essential workers.”

Oh, and they were rocking their PPE while they were getting twerk on too.

One dancer, in particular, caught the eyes of viewers for self-explanatory reasons. We can show you better than we can tell you.

Soon after, the internet detectives went to work to find out who the magnificent short-haired vixen was that blessed our phone screens with her assets, and they found her quickly. While we don’t know her government, she goes by Luvee on the gram, and she is definitely a CASSIUS Gem.

If you want to get her even more intimately, you can hit up her OnlyFans page for more eye candy. We, of course, did some research and browsed her page to bring you the best shots from her gram and shared them in the gallery below.

Photo: Luvee / Luvee Instagram

1. Safe & Sexy at the same damn time.

2. To quote the great 2 Chainz, “A** so big, I told her to look back at it (Whoa)”

3. Its still sun dress season

4. Gotta hit the gym to stay slim thick

5. Can you grab us some Haribo Goldbears?

6. Late night swim

7. Those are some really nice shower curtains right?

8. Looking elegant in her Fashion Nova

9. Caution, beware of curves

10. Oh we love tattoos.