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Drake‘s been galivanting around St. Tropez, and the memeable moments are in overdrive.

He’s already fought off an aggressive bumble bee and trolled Joe Budden, but fans have also seen a familiar face with him alongside the OVO crew.

The 6 God was spotted yachting with model and Youtube star Suede Brooks. After hopping off a boat, they made their way to Club 55, an iconic beachside restaurant outfitted with cabanas and views of the ocean off France.

The two have just been seen hanging out so there’s no reason to think there’s a romantic connection yet but Entertainment Tonight got a hold of an insider to reveal what the vibe’s been like between them, saying, “They’re having fun together. They are sweet, whispering in each other’s ears and laughing.”

Drake and Brooks are said to have mutual friends, so this isn’t the first time they’ve been together, with the source adding “Their friends think they make a cute couple and have been rooting for them to hang out more.”

For those unaware, Brooks first gained fame with her YouTube channel which currently has over 335,000 subscribers. She started the account 10 years ago as “an escape from severe bullying in my every day life during middle school. I’m an activist for Anti-Bullying and try to speak about it every opportunity I get, to help others get through similar experiences.”

She then built on the success of those videos by creating her own brand SUEDEBYSUEDE –which is still in its early stages– and fulfilling her dream of modeling.

“I wanted to model for so many reasons,” the 21-year-old said. “But the main reason was that I had so much fun in front of and behind the camera and I had always dreamed of walking into a store and seeing my face!”

Get more familiar with the model below: