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As the summer slowly winds to a close, many are trying to ease into the cooler months ahead by engaging in a variety of activities and excursions before real life settles in. With our new Summer Gift Guide on deck, we’re putting together this grab bag of goodies for the dudes (or whoever) in your life that are on the move.

This quick Summer Gift Guide covers a lot of bases, including relaxation, pain therapy, fitness, better health, outdoor activities, and more. We had the good fortune of testing out some of these excellent items and we feel confident that the selection below has a little something for everyone.

We were especially impressed with the Brrrn Board and the Sensate. We also loved the Uber Appliance Sorbet Maker, which definitely covers both our sweet tooth and health needs all at once. The Puffer Hug, CBD goods from Mad Ritual, and the DNA Vibe Jazz Band truly blew us away as well. Do stay tuned to our pages as we’ll most certainly be recommending our summer faves in future fall and winter guides too.

Welcome to our Summer Gift Guide for the Dudes in your Life on the Move!

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1. Brrrn Board

Brrrn Board
Price: $349.00-$379.00

Slide boards are a workout equipment innovation that aids folks in firming up core strength, places emphasis on lateral movement, and much more. The Brrrn Board is one of the leading brands in the space and we’re here to tell you that this is one workout you’ll have fun engaging in while also feeling it the next day in the best of ways.

“Having never used a slide board previously, I had no idea what to expect. This made me feel as if I were an Olympic-level skater, which, if you saw me on the Brrrn Board, you’d quickly learn that I am not. This is the most fun I’ve had exercising in quite a while.” – D.L.

2. Public Rec

Public Rec
Price: Varies

Athleisure is all the rage and when you need to combine fitness wear and comfort, Public Rec understood the assignment to a tee. Of note is the brand’s Elevate shirt but there’s more than just shirts in their vast lineup.

3. Sensate

Price: $249.00

Sensate introduces the concept of infrasonic therapy by condensing the practice’s healing powers into a compact device. Addressing the complex vagus nerve and how it relates to stress and anxiety, Sensate uses infrasonic resonance, soundscapes, and a comforting hum to bring one back into a peaceful center space.

“Infrasonic therapy is not a new concept, but it was certainly new to me. As someone who struggles mightily with stress, worry, and crushing deadlines (just kidding, boss), I’m always in seek of ways to find stillness in the storms. Sensate directly addressed my needs in that regard.” – D.L.

4. Sprayground

Price: Varies

Sprayground isn’t some run-of-the-mill travel accessory and luggage brand. The New York-founded brand wants to inject bold style for those dudes and everyone else on the move. What really turned our heads is the eye-catching Danger Danger Duffle.

5. Mad Ritual

Mad Ritual
Price: Varies

The reported benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) are myriad and that’s without being psychoactive. Mad Ritual offers an array of balms and bath bombs that address a variety of needs. We can say with confidence that the brand’s CBD Rest + Relief Set was just what the doctor ordered after a grueling workout and day at the office.

6. Buddha Board

Buddha Board
Price: Varies

Life and work carry their own unique set of stressors and worry makers, so mindfulness is a way of getting through those rough or intense days. Buddha Board offers a means of expression and being present in one’s feelings by offering a canvas using nothing but water as your paint, and your creation evaporates as it dries. While a simple concept at its core, the Buddha Board is also transformative in the ways it moves its user to sit with their feelings and express where they are.

“I’m nobody’s artist, but Buddha Board fooled me enough to think I at least have a fighter’s chance at it. With its Original Buddha Board, the mini version, and their sleek cousin, Enso, the brand offers an accessible path to betterment and enlightenment.” – D.L. 

7. California Cowboy

California Cowboy
Price: Varies

California Cowboy might have a dude-centric brand name but they make clothes for all. That said, some of the gear they have in their lineup for dudes includes kick-ass hoodies, robes to stunt on your haters with, and shirts to show off that glorious dad bod you’ve been building over the years. Their stuff is top-notch, stylish, and encompasses the breezy nature of our West Coast family and friends.

8. Puffer Hug

Puffer Hug
Price: Varies:

It might be a touch early for layers depending on where you are in the world, but who doesn’t like a comfy option almost any time of the year? Puffer Hug is a warming and versatile scarf that captures the essence of function and form, all in a dazzling array of colors for the whole family.

9. J&L Naturals

J&L Naturals
Price: Varies

J&L Naturals is the brainchild of husband and wife team Jenn and Laith Salameh, and we’re really in love with their approach to their ethical and sustainable approach to skincare. With products geared for dudes rushing to stay fresh-faced whether bearded or bald-faced and beyond, J&L’s offerings are vast and efficient. 

10. Voited

Price: Varies

For the dudes out there that think of themselves as one with nature, you’re going to need some gear to go with your aspirations to sleep under the stars. Voited has you covered with blankets, footwear, blankets for your pets, and much more.

11. Uber Appliance Healthy Sorbet Machine

Uber Appliance Healthy Sorbet Machine
Price: $69.00

Uber Appliance specializes in a number of products that offer practical use items with a modern twist. The Healthy Sorbet Machine is a perfect gift for the dude on the move, as a fruit sorbet can be a healthy alternative to curbing one’s sweet tooth.

“This is easily one of the best appliances I’ve ever used. I’m not big into eating fruit but I do love a sorbet. Perhaps I’ll graduate to eating whole fruits thanks to the Uber Appliance Healthy Sorbet Machine.” – D.L.

12. Cooper’s Treats

Cooper’s Treats
Price: Varies

Dudes with dogs are definitely on the move, but their pups deserve the finer things in life just like they do. Enter Cooper’s Treats, which offers a nice lineup of doggie-friendly goodies for our good boys. 

“My neighborly golden-doodle good boy Zeus tells me he loved the Pupsicle Starter Kit.” – D.L.

13. Vincero

Price: Varies

Vincero was featured over at our brother site Hip-Hop Wired for their Father’s Day gift guide and we’re fans of their offerings of watches, whiskey tumblers, eyewear, and more. They offer women’s versions of their products too and do a lot of the heavy lifting with gift packages as well. Check out the Cooper sunglasses.

14. Third Eye Headlamps

Third Eye Headlamps
Price: Varies

Developed in 2014 by California resident Sean Anderson, Third Eye Headlamps combines the functionality needed for evening or early morning adventures with rocking style. The headlamps come in a nice range of colors so dudes out there who want a little style with their illumination will be covered.

15. DNA Vibe

DNA Vibe
Price: $249.00

Red light therapy has a heavy share of advocates who tout its therapeutic benefits. Treatment focuses include osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and general pain and inflammation concerns. DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band covers a wide range of ailments and it’s almost magical how effective it is.

“I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine therapies but DNA Vibe easily convinced me that red light therapy (RLT) is real and here to stay.” – D.L.

16. Susan’s Own

Susan’s Own
Price: Varies

Susan’s Own adds its unique flair to the ever-expanding CBD market and has just about every angle covered. With delicious tinctures clocking in at a whopping 1000 mg, there’s plenty of Colorado hemp in each bottle. The brand also offers bath bombs, muscle balms fruit flavored gummies to deliver that CBD relief when you need it.

17. High Camp Flasks

High Camp Flasks
Price: Varies

High Camp Flasks comes by way of founders Nic and Whit, who wanted to combine their knack for fine cocktails along with their love for nature and the outdoors. Boasting an array of flasks both large and small, High Camp Flasks is definitely a gift for the dude on the move.

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