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Twitter Loves Texas A&M Coach Sydney Carter's Sideline Drip

Source: G Fiume / Getty

Whenever a man poses a question about something a woman is wearing, chances are extremely high that question is straight-up bullsh*t.

Former Texas A&M player, now a Player Development Coach and Assistant Recruiting Coordinator, Sydney Carter, is well known for getting some fits off while on the sidelines. One fit, in particular, saw Carter rocking a pair of form-fitting pink leather or pleather pants paired with a white turtleneck and heels.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her sideline drip. Still, it does have social media buzzing, especially after a hating-ass man named Wayne Walker posed the question if her pink pants paired with heels were “appropriate as a basketball coach?” As expected, many took his post, which first appeared on Facebook, and ratioed it on Twitter. One Twitter user asked in response to Walker’s question, “what’s wrong with it???”

Another Twitter user added, “it’s too early for y’all to piss me off.”

We feel you sis because honestly, harassing Black women about their work attire is very old, and Carter can’t help the fact she just looks fly in everything she wears.

Coach Carter won’t have to respond to her hater cause Twitter has her back and has been showering her with all the well-deserved praise she deserved.

You can peep the tweets in the gallery below.

Photo: G Fiume / Getty



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