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Travis Scott just can’t seem to stop having issues at his rage-worthy concerts.

Scott was performing in Rome’s Circus Maximus earlier this week when things got out of hand, beginning with someone spraying pepper spray within the crowd.

Around 60 people were affected and treated for mild eye and throat irritation by medical professionals. The show was attended by nearly 60,000 Scott fans… which means there were lots of opportunities for things to go wrong.

Another incident included a 14-year-old who climbed a wall to watch the performance but ended up falling more than 10 feet to the ground and was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

With that many people ragging to Scott’s latest album Utopia, he also got called out for all the ground-shaking his fans did.

The Circus Maximus venue is an iconic place because it’s the stadium where Roman chariot racing and other forms of entertainment were held more than a thousand years ago. And there was so much ruckus that locals thought there was an earthquake.

“We have received many requests for information from Roman citizens who felt one or more earthquakes after 21:30,” read the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology’s website.

According to CBS, the ground’s movement was consistent with a 1.3 magnitude earthquake, which means the historic site likely wasn’t the best place for such a rowdy crowd.

“The Circus Maximus is not a field, it’s a monument; it has subterranean galleries, archeological areas.  You can’t have tens of thousands of people jumping up and down for hours,” Alfonsina Russo, an archaeologist who runs the Archeological Park of the Coliseum told Italian media, according to Yahoo.

Russo says such big stars shouldn’t use the venue; with the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Bruce Springsteen performing there this summer alone.

“These mega rock concerts put it at risk, including the Palatine Hill nearby,” Russo added. “Rock concerts should be held in stadiums so as not to endanger public safety.”

Scott was originally supposed to perform at Egypt’s pyramids of Giza –another historic site– a few weeks ago but it was later canceled for what his team alleges was “complex production issues.”

This only serves as Scott’s latest issue performing, a trend that peaked at the tragic 2021 Astroworld festival that killed 10 and injured hundreds.

See how X, formerly known as Twitter is reacting to Scott’s overactive fans below.