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Social media has allowed stars to shoot down rumor reports immediately, but sometimes those rebuttals backfire.

That was never clearer than when Miami DolphinsTyreek Hill responded to the media report that his marriage was on the rocks.

“Miami #Dolphins Tyreek Hill files petition for divorce in Broward County,” the Sun Sentinel’s Miami Dolphin’s X account tweeted out alongside a photo of the wide receiver giving his wife Keeta Vaccaro a game ball. 

Less than an hour later Hill quote tweeted the Sun Sentinel’s tweet, shooting down the reports of a divorce, claiming their union is still strong.

“Boy no the heck we didn’t so don’t put that in the air !!! We are happily married and gone stay that way,” he retorted.

You’d think that’d be the end of the story, but it wasn’t, especially since social media sleuths took it upon themselves to find out the truth.

Since divorce proceedings are public records, a quick search of Broward County’s records proves he is getting a divorce.

According to the case, “TYREEK DSHAUN HILL Petitioner vs. LA KEETA JO ANN VACCARO Respondent,” Hill initiated the divorce, officially filed Jan. 22. However, other information about the case is currently confidential.

If the divorce proves to be finalized, it’ll be a pretty short marriage for Hill and Vaccaro, who, despite getting engaged at a July 4 celebration in 2021, only got married in November 2023.

According to TMZ, the two officially tied the knot Nov. 8 during the Dolphins’ bye week. Upon returning to the locker room, he spoke to reporters about finally settling down.

“I did get married to my longtime fiancée,” Hill told reporters. “It was about time. It’s something that we wanted to do over the bye week, and we did it. We went through with it. Well, I finally went through with it.”

See how social media is reacting to Hill’s denial of the divorce despite the receipts below.