Miami Dolphins

In recent weeks among those who have questioned Jay-Z and his motives for his deal with the NFL, is Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills. Stills has been an avid supporter of Colin Kaepernick, and protesting the national anthem. Stills recently spoke up and said that Jay-Z and his comments about moving on from kneeling […]

Stephen Ross is the current owner of the Miami Dolphins, he is also a major investor in Equinox, and Soulcycle–two fitness brands. Ross is coming under fire because he is planning to host a fundraising event for Donald Trump at his home in Long Island, New York. Trump himself is expected to attend the event, […]

Kendrick Norton, defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins, saw his promising NFL career come to a tragic end. Early Thursday morning (July 4), the 22-year-old was involved in a car crash in the Miami area, that resulted in him losing his arm, he still remains hospitalized as a result of his injuries his agent confirmed. […]

Two suspects involved in the rapper's death are in custody, while two are wanted by authorities.