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06/04/07. 2007 CFDA Fashion Awards NYC

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Vanessa Williams is living proof women also get better with time. At 58 years old, the living legend’s beauty and career are the stuff of queens, so we couldn’t let her birthday pass without showing her some major love. If you aren’t aware, Vanessa first grew famous when she was recognized as the first Black woman to be crowned Miss America in 1983.

Of course, she would go on to make a name for herself as a singer and actress too — she’s earned 11 Grammy nominations over the years, while also starring in a slew of television shows and movies. We’re talking Soul Food, Shaft, Desperate Housewives, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Johnson Family Vacation, The Proud Family, Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay, The Mindy Project, Modern Family… seriously, the list goes on, and on, and on.

No matter the project, Vanessa has always brought an indescribable je ne sais quois to her part and we love every moment of it. Not to mention, she’s pretty much everyone’s #WCE. Today, for her birthday, we’re celebrating with some of the most beautiful photos she’s posted to social media — some recent snaps and some throwbacks, too. Join us in wishing Miss Williams nothing but happiness and peace.

1. Back in the day.

2. 2021.

3. Almost 60, where?!

4. She’s just too gorgeous.

5. Killing the dance floor as a teen.

6. Backstage moments.

7. Watch out now!

8. Whew, the beauty!

9. Fabulous.

10. We love you, Vanessa!