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Sean Taylor Memorial Is Not A Hit With Twitter

Source: The Washington Post / Getty/ Sean Taylor Memorial

Only the Washington Commanders football team could fumble honoring one of their great former players. Twitter, a former Commanders player, and more are roasting the Commanders after its Sean Taylor Memorial unveiling.

Sean Taylor, an excellent safety and two-time pro bowler during his time with the team, died on Nov. 27, 2007, after being shot by a home intruder.

In June, the Washington Commanders announced it would honor Taylor with what it described as a “permanent memorial” honoring the late player.

Sunday, Nov. 27, before their game with the Atlanta Falcons, the team unveiled the Sean Taylor Memorial, which was not what people expected.

Instead of a bronze statue or a bust, fans were greeted with a mannequin you would find at your favorite sporting goods store wearing Taylor’s jersey, tights, a Redskins helmet (a very dumb decision), and some soccer cleats.

Taylor’s family was in attendance. Jackie Taylor, Sean Taylor’s daughter, told local news affiliate WUSA9, “It was beautiful, honestly.”

“They put everything that he wore, soccer cleats, like little things that defined him — that were special to him. And that he did as a player, so that was really special.”

Speaking with TMZ, Jamal Johnson, Taylor’s half-brother, was fine with the memorial. “It was greatly appreciated and an honor that his legacy lives on in D.C.,” Johnson said … adding, “I was at a loss for words,” Johnson said.

Further adding, “everybody is entitled to an opinion” regarding the criticism and the mannequin is “just a step.”

Twitter Was Not Feeling The Sean Taylor Memorial

Unfortunately, the fans and a former Commanders player had thoughts about the team using a mannequin to honor Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor Deserved a Statue,” former Commanders quarterback turned ESPN analyst Robert Griffin said in a tweet. 

Sean Taylor was one of the most polarizing athletes to ever grace an NFL field, let alone wear the burgundy and gold. THIS is what the team unveiled today in his honor? A jersey on a mannequin with wire arms and soccer cleats? This is absolutely disgusting,” another Twitter user said

The Washington Commanders are the can’t get it right of the NFL. You can see more reactions to the statue in the gallery below.

Photo: The Washington Post / Getty

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