Black Panther

The groundbreaking film made its mark in more ways than one.

Just about any topic is fair game on Twitter these days, but there are still three things on which we have generally agreed to never speak ill: the Obamas, Beyoncé and Black Panther. Lupe Fiasco, however, is now two for three when it comes to breaking that rule. The Food & Liquor rapper posted a slightly-critical review of the Marvel blockbuster […]

Nothing leaves white folks shook quite like Black excellence. Especially, the kind that dismantles the myth of white supremacy. Lately, we’ve witnessed this happening in Hollywood on a scale nobody saw coming. Well, nobody except Black folks. We’re talking about Black Panther‘s total and complete domination at the box office: five weeks and counting at […]

There were no tears from Randall Pearson on Saturday night.