Yusef Salaam‘s venture into politics has already paid off. Back in 1989, Salaam was one of the five Black teens accused of raping a jogger in Central Park and wrongly convicted which led to spending years in jail. But now he’s been exonerated since 2002 and his recent bid to win a New York City […]


Exonerated Five member Yusef Salaam is now running for City Council in New York City, a feat that seemed impossible when he and four others were convicted of raping the Central Park jogger.

The orange menace occupying the White House doesn’t care about Black people., and he continues to show it. The Central Park Five has been thrust back into the national spotlight thanks to Ava DuVernay‘s powerful and eye-opening Netflix limited series When They See Us. Donald Trump’s connection to the five young Black and Latino kids […]


Ava DuVernay’s gripping 'When They See Us' has Blair Underwood hoping things would turn out differently if the same thing happened today.

One of America's most major news stories is getting the master class treatment.