As if the Charlotte Hornets weren’t already the most personality-filled team, it gets even more interesting as we approach the season’s tipoff. While the other 29 teams are running around talking about their hopes for the 2023-24 season on media day, the Hornets announced that Kai Jones won’t be in attendance. “The Charlotte Hornets announced […]

Michael Jordan is already a billionaire, but he pocketed several billions more in the sale of the Charlotte Hornets. The deal was finalized Thursday. Although his 13-year tenure as majority owner didn’t result in a championship or much success, he was the sole Black majority owner in the four major sports. Jordan’s investment in the […]

If you learned one thing from The Last Dance documentary, it’s how amazing a trash talker Michael Jordan is. It turns out the GOAT is still roasting on the court, even when it comes to getting up some shots with potential draft picks. Alabama product Brandon Miller shared some interesting information from his pre-draft workout […]

Michael Jordan may already be a billionaire, but he’s about to run up another check. The GOAT has officially found a buyer for the Charlotte Hornets. In March, News broke back that Jordan was shopping around the majority stake of the team that he originally purchased in 2010 from BET owner Robert L. Johnson. Jordan’s […]


With 20 games already chipped off, Bridges will only miss the first 10 games of the 2023-24 season if a team signs him.

Another major bag may be on the way for Michael Jordan. Not only has his Air Jordan line of signature kicks certified him as a billionaire, but now his investment into the Charlotte Hornets is bolstering his pockets even more. According to NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Jordan is in serious talks to sell a majority […]

Scary Terry is quietly terrorizing the NBA and brought the buzz to Twitter after his late-game heroics.