Colman Domingo and Corey Hawkins are doing things a bit differently with their portrayals of Mister and Harpo in The Color Purple.

'Rustin' star Colman Domingo, comedian and TV personality Wayne Brady and newsman Don Lemon are among the 101 men being honored by Native Son.

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Colman Domingo has nothing bad to say about his experience while working on 'Euphoria.'

Bayard Rustin may not be as recognizable a name in the Civil Rights Movement as others, but behind the scenes, he was a force.

Veteran actor Colman Domingo is slated to be honored at the 8th Annual Truth Awards, which are held to honor those in the Black LGBTQ+ community who have demonstrated significant achievements in the arts and business. Grammy Award-nominated R&B singer Kelly Price has been tapped to provide a special performance at the ceremony.

Colman Domingo is a nice guy in real life who loves being the bad guy in films and we are here for it.