Ice T’s wife has every right to rock her new ‘do, just don’t dismiss our feelings about it.

Katy Perry is supposedly working through her cultural appropriation issues with the help of activist DeRay McKesson.

If you're on social media, you've heard it thrown around more than once, most likely within conversations regarding another one of Kylie's questionable fashion choices (she "woke up like disss") or Drake's obsession with phony-ass patois—but where did "culture vulture" even originate?

Gelila Mesfin—the talented Black artist whose painting of Michelle Obama was plagiarized—is seeking what she’s owed. DNAinfo reports Mesfin’s legal team is requesting $12,000—the amount Chicago urban planner Chris Devins raised via GoFundMe to create the mural—to be paid as compensation. They’re also seeking additional compensation for the damages suffered from his “willful infringement of [Mesfin’s] copyrights and […]


We know the overdone, tired messaging all too well.