Who is LeBron James' greatest teammate? That's a question that is still up for debate, but Chris Bosh already has the answer to it.

Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, Chris Bosh, DJ D-Nice, and Candace Parker star in Budweiser's new "whassup" PSA Ad that encourages people to check on their friends during the global pandemic.

In his retirement, Dwyane Wade has become a champion for his child, formally known as Zion. Stepping more into dad mode now that the 13-time All-Star called in quits on the court, he’s got to see Zaire Wade ball out alongside Bronny James at Sierra Canyon High School, and recently revealed how he’s more present […]

Dwyane Wade has been living his best life lately. Since his NBA farewell tour last season, he’s had time to spend with family– and more importantly, support his two sons in different ways. Zaire, Wade’s eldest son is balling out alongside LeBron James Jr. at Sierra Canyon, and his 12-year-old child Zion is finally coming […]

Dwyane Wade and his youngest son, Zion, have often been on the receiving end of harsh criticism from the public based on Zion’s appearance. Zion Wade has been seen on multiple occasions wearing nails, nail polish, dresses, and other items typically deemed women’s clothing. Wade also tweeted out a picture earlier this year of Zion, […]