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Shannon Sharpe‘s Club Shay Shay podcast is going more profound than just sports.

One of the most interesting guests he’s had on his podcast is Dwyane Wade, and in a moment of honesty, Sharpe asked Wade about having a child with another woman.

Back in 2013, when Wade and now-wife Gabrielle Union were on a break, he had a fling with another woman and welcomed a son, Xavier, later that year.

Sharpe aims to compare his professional and personal lives by asking him if it is harder to lose the NBA Finals or break the baby-on-the-way news to Gabrielle Union.

“Way harder to have a conversation with my now-wife. You try to think of everything possible. You’re thinking about it all, and it is all scary,” Wade said. “The one situation is scary enough, but you know this is gonna hurt someone that you’ve been building a relationship and a life with.”

He reveals that he broke the news to Gabrielle Union before it leaked to the public and says he wouldn’t have been able to get through that scrutiny if she wasn’t by his side.

“We were in the playoffs, I think, even going into the finals that year. Man, that was a rough time for me,” he admits. “You’ve got a lot on your mind, and you’re keeping something from people you love. At night, when it’s just you and your thoughts, those thoughts are loud.”

Wade admits that he tried to distance himself from Gabrielle Union instead of breaking the news to her, but he commends her for continuing to stick by his side.

But a decade removed from the infidelity, Wade says they now go to therapy together to strengthen the relationship and issues surrounding the unexpected child.

“We go to therapy. We’ve had shouts about it, we’ve had regular conversations about it, and it’s going to continue to be something that I have to work at,” Wade said. “It doesn’t go away because years come or because I say ‘I’m sorry.'”

Shannon then asks if the most challenging part of the situation is that time will never fully heal the wounds, but Wade says he’s more concerned for his son.

“That’s hard for him. That is going to always be there. He’s done nothing, and it’s a stain that’s on him for no reason. I think about that,” he said. “We’re adult; we’re either going to get through it, or we ain’t gon’ get through it. But this is a young kid who’s already got a negative impact next to his name, and he hasn’t even got a chance to accomplish anything.”

Despite the drama, Wade’s proud of his family and excited about the future.

“At the end of this day, this is my family. This is my story, and we’re going to get through this,” he proudly said.

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