New York City Mayor Eric Adams tends to be quick to the podium when violence is on the rise in his city so he can bizarrely attack Black Lives Matter, but when it comes to less performative things like, say, a natural disaster wreaking havoc in NYC, he suddenly changes his name to Mayor Johnny ComeLately […]

NYC Mayor Eric Adams criticized the social justice group Black Lives Matter in comments to a local news network when queried about what more could his office do to combat the rise of gun violence in the city, punctuated by the brutal shooting attack on a subway train in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning.


Still think the rent is too damn high?! Well, not anymore with the new Bilt Mastercard from Wells Fargo. Now, people looking for a places to stay around the U.S. can rent today and pay later.

Brooklyn Nets fans should be thanking the New York Yankees for Mayor Eric Adams finally deciding to ease the private sector COVID vaccine mandate.

Brooklyn Nets part-time superstar Kyrie Irving can finally look forward to playing in front of fans in Barclays Center, thanks to NYC Mayor Eric Adams.