If you ever had a dream of living in the place Biggie grew up, now is your chance. The late rap prodigy’s childhood home is available to rent for a price definitely much steeper than what was paid while Biggie was staying there. Now it’ll cost you $4,000 a month to rent out Big’s old […]

“The city is intentionally trying to lighten Black neighborhoods." — Aristotle Theresa, civil rights lawyer

The Front

A group of supporters gathered at a New York bar to support the owner who’s getting pushed out of the neighborhood by gentrification.

The Front

The development company's president claims she didn't know the painting was a memorial although "Rest in Power" was painted above the victims' portraits.

The places and spaces that define so many Black and Latinx communities are consistently threatened by gentrification, lack of access to resources and folks with deep pockets who find ways to take things folks have already been doing and repackage them with no benefit to the people who created them in the first places. Thus, there’s […]


Protestors chanted, "Bye, Bye, Becky."

A bootleg version of the iconic 5Pointz building in Queens? Thanks, Gentrification!

Thanks to the power of community, the Bed-Stuy Biggie mural will continue to shine on Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street.