Apple has been leaking more than a broken faucet. Now we know the latest iPhones will come in more color options, and possibly what the names are. If you think Apple is gonna do what they did last year and skip a number, that won’t be the case. According to rumors, Apple will follow-up the […]

September is a few months away, and you know what that means: iPhone season. Each fall, tech nerds and casual fans alike clamor for the latest smartphones to hit the market because having the latest and greatest will never not be cool. And this year, it looks like Apple has some much-needed improvements coming to […]

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I still don't know if it's worth it. But I like it...a lot.

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How you could you let this happen in the wake of the most anticipated smartphone of the year!?


Bet the iPhone X can’t hook you up like that.

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One of the more stunning new developments was the new "FaceID" technology, but some Twitter users have already taken issue with it.