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The wait is finally over.

After months of leaks and rumors of its release, the iPhone X is set to debut on September 12, alongside the iPhone 8 and hopefully a new Apple watch.  Apple is going all out with a ton of upgraded features that rivals its Android competition.

While no one is entirely sure what the September 12 announcement will hold, we’re pretty positive the following details are full proof:

It’s Called The iPhone X

First things first, the top-tier phone will most likely will be called the iPhone X, not the iPhone 8. Apple is reportedly skipping ahead because this week marks 10 years since the original iPhone dropped way back in 2007.

The Screen is… Huge

While details of the screen’s resolution haven’t leaked yet, other than that its OLED, we do know that the iPhone X will feature an all-screen design as it’s set to take over the entire front of the phone. Apple is getting rid of the home button, so say goodbye to the iPhone’s chin.

The Home Button Is Gone

Now that the home button is no more, Apple came up with a new way to securely lock your phone: facial recognition. After setting up Face ID, all you’ve gotta do is look at your phone and it unlocks. Originally, Apple wanted to work Touch ID into the display, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work in time for the phone’s launch.

Wireless Charging Is A Thing

The iPhone is finally catching up with its Android competition with the addition of wireless charging. Apple has all but confirmed the feature, but the company is getting back to its glass-backed iPhone roots. Instantly shattering your phone upon every drop has to have some added incentive.

Colors Available At Launch

The only way to make your iPhone appear a bit different than all of the others is the color, and the X is no different. It’s set to debut in a black, white, and Blush Gold. The Blush Gold will likely replace the rose gold, although it’s a bit more of a copper-like hue.

Emojis Are Leveled Up

Apple just stepped its emoji game all the way up. 3D emojis look like mini GIFs and will make your conversations even more expressive. Other then Animojis, peep all the other updates in iOS 11 here. Now you can send people animated pieces of shit. How fun.