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Remember when Apple said that only your face could unlock your iPhone X? Vietnamese security firm Bkav pretty much just said, “Nah.”

One the biggest features everyone was looking forward to ahead of the release was the phone’s new magical unlocking feature. Gone is Touch ID in favor of Face ID, which only requires you to look at your phone and it unlocks. It was touted as easier and less cumbersome than using your fingerprint, and supposedly way more secure. With Touch ID, there is a one in 50,000 chance it will be opened with the wrong fingerprint, and the chances drop to one in a million when FaceID comes into play. But Bkav recently published a blog post that claims to crack FaceID with a composite mask of 3D-printed plastic.

In the video, the demonstrator mounts his iPhone X facing a mask. When he wakes the phone, he’s quickly prompted to swipe up, which means the phone has been unlocked with Face ID.

“As you can see, I have successfully unlocked the iPhone X with the mask. In conclusion, Face ID on this iPhone X is not as secure as Apple announced,” he says.

The chance of someone making a mask out of your face to break into your new iPhone X is slim—and it’s easier to simply use your fingerprint while you sleep. In Apple’s pre-release demo, both a mask and an identical twin were deployed to demonstrate the feature, and neither of them were unable to unlock a phone. Tech site WIRED also tried to complete the feat shown in the video, but it didn’t work.

Apple has yet to comment on the validity of Bkav’s video.

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