Kanye West’s been off the grid lately, prepping his new album Vultures with Ty Dolla $ign, but now he’s returned to not only the music scene but to getting under people’s skin. The Chicago-born rapper was at his joint album’s listening party at Miami’s Wynwood Marketplace when he suddenly emerged rocking a black KKK mask. The […]

Literally no one asked Washington for this information; he just volunteered it on his Facebook page.

"You the reason why a n*gga suffer from paranoia/ 'cause you they judge, your motherf**kin brother they lawyer/ You runnin' for office in one state and miscount they votes/ and your brother's the governor? Coincidence? Naw.." - Ray Cash, "Fuck Amerikkka"

Charles Anderson is the 48-year-old homeowner who is currently in question.

The Front

The actor also recalled being called the n-word while growing up in the South.

"I knew they were going to disrespect me, but I never imagined the level [of disrespect]."

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