Iconic musician and producer Raphael Saadiq announced that he's reuniting with Toni! Tony! Toné! to set out on a new nationwide tour in the fall. Fans can obtain tickets through three pre-sale events beginning on Wednesday and Thursday, with general sales beginning on Friday.

"We just riffed … and we tag on each other’s lines. It was like Jay Z and Kanye [West] when they were on tour together. I just love Dave, and I look at it like [Jean-Michel] Basquiat and [Andy] Warhol and we’re just collaborating.” - Chris Rock during a September 2020 interview on The Howard Stern Show, talking about Chappelle's popups on Rock's 2017 Total Blackout Tour


It seems life as we know it is being brought to a halt, as Coronavirus sweeps the world; details on the latest major cancelations inside.