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How far will one man go for revenge? Retired NBA journeyman Kwame Brown has been in a Patrick Hill mood for the past few weeks. Brown made $64 million over 13 years but is still considered a bust on most lists. Lately, he’s been on the warpath and hunting for everyone who made him the punchline of their jokes, especially the kingpin: ESPN’s loudest “talking head,” Stephen A. Smith. Well, Smith fired back — and he came with a list of receipts for the 7-footer!

“I don’t have a single negative thing to say about Kwame Brown, the person. Nothing personal,” Smith started his comeback on his show, Stephen A’s World. “The only negative thing anybody said about Kwame Brown,” Smith continued, “is that he couldn’t play a lick of basketball. News flash: That wasn’t a lie.” And for the next minute or so, the audience was treated to a series of Brown’s blunders.

Airballs from point blank range. The baby passes fumbled by those infamously small hands. And Smith had no intention of letting his foot off the gas. “Keep going, here’s another one,” he implored the camera crew, “keep going!… Thirteen years in the NBA. Seven different teams! And I’ve got an unlimited bank of bloopers for every stop along the way. That was just the short version!”

Yet, of course, who saw last night’s lowlight reel and ready with the ammo but for “Mr. Bonafide Scrub No More,” Kwame Brown. “I was watching that,” he shared in a YouTube video this morning, “and I was like ‘No, you didn’t just do that elementary s***… I don’t know why, but I honestly thought that you were going to come up with something better than that. After you begged them bosses to do it? Cuz I know that was your idea.”


Brown then continued the verbal assault and, between the vocal affectations and statements made, virtually called out Smith as just a puppet of “The Man.” “They don’t care how stupid you look,” Brown said, “cuz they’ve got an exit strategy for your a**. If we the people [are] talking, they’ll say ‘Ok now! If this s*** don’t work and they keep lowering ratings like this, your a** is ran. You got up there and made a fool out of yourself, boy. Just like the buck-dancing hoe you is.”

The streets may be talking about the heat for entertainment purposes, but one should wonder who appointed Brown as the voice of the people. Nevertheless, Brown seemingly found an ally in one of the strangest places: sports commentator Jason “Uncle Ruckus” Whitlock. “SAS and ESPN execs,” he tweeted, “this is a mistake. A huge mistake. This is a declaration of war. Kwame will not fight this alone.”

Whitlock also spoke with right-wing commentator Glenn Beck on BlazeTV, and he spoke about the beef between Brown and Smith as well as an alleged agenda that media has when it comes to how Black people are portrayed. “[Kwame’s] unpacking these bigger ideas that are about changing this very negative culture that has been defined for Black people and that we’ve embraced. And Black people are loving it,” he said. “He’s not being called an Uncle Tom, a coon, not being called a sellout. They’re saying, ‘Yeah, we know someone to say this and represent this in the way we believe.’”