We know you’re in no rush to leave Wakanda, and neither are we. But Paramount’s sci-fi-fi thriller Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh, hits theaters today, and we promise you, it’s worth the slight detour. Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy, the film, which also features actors Tuva Novotny […]

The G-Unit boss talks his new movie, 'Den of Thieves,' and his trolling ways.

Stories about the connections shared between twins, known as twintelepathy, are common. And coming from a real fraternal twin (me), I’ll tell you first hand, that they are true. So I was super excited when CASSIUS was invited to view the new twin-flick, Father Figures, and interview the stars, Owen Wilson, Ed Helms and Katt […]


Men need not be silent or afraid any longer.

R1 Digital

The 7th Annual Blitz Showcase works to highlight today’s stars and up-and-comers in the world of R&B and hip hop. With celebs like Nick Cannon, Lil’ Kim, Remy Ma, and Travis Scott on the guest list, it’s sure to be a star-studded affair. Before the show, our own Rae Holliday caught up with songstress and reality TV […]

The Front

Team CASSIUS goes South to party in the land of peaches.