The sports world lost one of its greatest winners with yesterday’s passing of legendary Boston Celtics center Bill Russell. Also nicknamed “The Secretary of Defense” and “Mr. 11 Rings,” Russell was the consummate team player and won on every level in basketball, starting from college through his NBA career, including the Olympics. But the story […]

"There's plenty of qualified African Americans and Black people that can do their job."


The NBA is honoring the all-time leading scorer and civil rights activist with the 'Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion' award; head inside for details.

Young Black Activists

2020 was a year marked by devastating loss for our people as police and state-sanctioned violence claimed the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and Daniel Prude, among others. Police violence forever changed of people like Jacob Blake. Young people like Ahmaud Arbery and Oluwatoyin Salau were killed in senseless violence that we have, unfortunately, come to know too well in our communities.

Norwegian MP Petter Eide filed papers nominating the Black Lives Matter movement for a Nobel Peace Prize. In his nomination documents, he points to how the movement compelled other countries outside of the US to take a long hard look at racism within their own societies and how it is confronted. 

"When you take your case to [Uncle Sam], you’re taking it to the criminal who’s responsible; it’s like running from the wolf to the fox. They’re all in cahoots together. They all work political chicanery and make you look like a chump before the eyes of the world." - Malcolm X


2X US Open tennis champion Naomi Osaka is the new brand ambassador for Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer. As the new face of their "Don't crack under pressure" slogan, this potentially marks the end of her partnership with the Japanese electronics company Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.