Power Book III: Raising Kanan details young Kanan's foray into the world of hustling.

"The dark brings you back to being a child, maybe even before that... In the jungle, the white of your eyes can give you away or expose you to a predator. A smile can get you killed." 50 Cent's opening monologue to his music video for "Hustler's Ambition"

Power Book II: Ghost's penultimate episode sets up next week's season finale flawlessly.

Riq is caught up in a love triangle, Paz returns, and Cane continues to make things difficult for the Tejada family.

It's Riq's 18th birthday, he gains some allies and a new enemy in the mid-season finale of Power Book II: Ghost.

Riq has an innovative new plan on moving product around the school, and it pays off big time. Riq is also weighing his options when it comes to his love life.

Now we truly understand why 50 is over G-Unit. He's in his television bag. 

This week's episode picks right up after Saxe snakes his way into the equation and charges Tasha with a kingpin (queenpin) statute after she said that she told Tommy to kill Ghost.