Previously on Power, James St. Patrick was on the verge of realizing his goal of becoming a legitimate politician/businessman, but that all came to an end with one bullet. With the list of suspects who wanted James dead extremely long, the show left its loyal viewers wondering #WhoShotGhost? Now it’s time find out and for […]

Previously on Power, James’ political career gets the jump start it needs when Lorette offers him the opportunity to be her Lieutenant Governor. Tommy delivers Cash to his dead girlfriend’s ex, Kadeem, and promises to get revenge in her name. Dre thinks his habitual snitching is putting him in prime position to take Tommy’s spot […]

Previously on Power, Dre made a deal with Blanca to save his skin, Saxe got fired, Tate’s hot mic sunk his campaign paving the way for Ghost and Tasha killed her bestie, LaKeisha. Keisha’s death set the tone for the penultimate episode, which by far was the season’s best and which we get to see […]

Previously on Power, Tasha, Ghost, and Tommy learned when it comes to Riq, he is more like his father than he would like to admit. Saxe’s extracurricular activities on his never-ending quest to get Ghost earned him a well-deserved suspension from Warner. Keisha got scared out the game by Tommy’s former goons 2-Bit and Spank, […]

Previously on Power, Riq learned the hard way that moving drugs, and hoodwink and bamboozling gangsters only lead to you getting beat up with oranges. His family moved enough product to supply an entire borough with narcotics in record time to get the ransom money Riq’s kidnapper, Vincent, requested. We learned Riq planned his own kidnapping […]

Previously on Power, Riq got in way over his head with Vincent thinking he can hoodwink and bamboozle the seasoned gangster. He learned quickly that Vincent isn’t the one to play with and got his ass kidnapped. This happened immediately after he delivered Proctor’s daughter to her Uncle Benny’s house. Speaking of Proctor, we lost […]

Last week James saw ghosts… literally. He was being haunted by his dead mistress/girlfriend Angela and her red dress throughout the episode. Listening to the specter, he decided not to kill Maria Suarez but instead gave her a chance to live her life. He also tried to take out Tommy in a failed hit with […]

In our best *James St.Patrick voice*, previously on Power, Dre survived a hit from the Jimenez Cartel and killed Donovan for whatever reason. After he got picked up trying to escape, Saxe offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse, get dirt on Ghost, and he will get his daughter back. Speaking of Ghost, Jason is […]

Last week Angela was put six feet in the ground and her sister Paz made sure her secrets went with her. Meanwhile, Ghost learned that he can’t really trust anyone when Tommy popped up alive and well at his side chick’s funeral. To make matters worse, his soon to be ex-wife confirmed she knew his […]

Last week, Angela Valdes’ death on the Power’s premiere set the tone for the show’s sixth and final season, and that is revenge. Ghost thinks he has settled the score with Tommy after he sprayed his iconic mustang with bullets. He will learn that he was sadly mistaken and just made matters much worse for […]

50 Cent has no love for The Emmy Awards, and it clearly showed in the rappers latest Instagram post. While flexing about his show Power’s ratings by sharing a recent press release, the G-Unit general used the opportunity to take a shot at The Emmys. In the post’s caption, the notorious debt collector told the […]

Last night (August 20), the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden was the place to be in NYC. The hottest ticket in town belonged to Starz’s hit drama Power for the season 6 premiere of the shows the final season. Everybody and they mama was in attendance to peep the first episode before it […]