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Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ entire world, which was already sinking fast, crashed down around him when a video that unmistakably shows him viciously attacking his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura was released for the public to see. Well, Diddy has now released a video of his own featuring his mea culpa to said public where he issues a so-called apology that doesn’t even mention the name of his victim. Suffice it to say, Cassie’s attorney is calling the video “disingenuous” nonsense, which is generally what most people think of it.

“Combs’ most recent statement is more about himself than the many people he has hurt,” said Meredith Firetog, a partner at Wigdor LLP, which represented Ventura in her sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy, according to Deadline. “When Cassie and multiple other women came forward, he denied everything and suggested that his victims were looking for a payday.  That he was only compelled to ‘apologize’ once his repeated denials were proven false shows his pathetic desperation, and no one will be swayed by his disingenuous words.”

Seriously, all that “apology” video did was display Diddy’s complete lack of self-awareness. We had just watched a video that showed him unambiguously attacking Cassie and kicking her while she was on the ground motionless after he had stopped her from getting in the hotel elevator to leave. No one wants to see his face at all, let alone a few days later in a video where he’s trying his best to look pitiful and contrite. No one wants to hear him whine about the “darkest times” of his life literally just before claiming to “make no excuses” for his “inexcusable” behavior, especially after he had spent so much time vehemently denying that he was ever guilty of such behavior.

Diddy would have been better off saying nothing and silently disappearing from the public eye for good. Give his victims some semblance of peace if not justice.

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