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Season 2 of CasBar is underway and this episode we’re chopping it up with battle rapper and New York Native Grafh and iOne’s own, Talent Relations Manager Rae Holiday.

After a quick toast to prosperity and success, we get into a classic barbershop conversation of the gang’s top 5 rappers of all time.

Biggie is going to be there and so is Tupac. I’ve got JAY-Z in their because he definitely an influence and he’s just great. But also Royce Da 5’9″. I’d been on tour before but he was the first rapper in this whole game, in all years I’ve been doing this, to invite me on tour.”

Grafh’s Detroit influence doesn’t stop there– if Royce is in your top five, his Michigan brethren and close friend Eminem likely isn’t too far behind.

“Eminem is up there too,” Grafh admits. “His new shit is cool but what he’s done is amazing.”

And in staying true to his Queens roots, he rightfully rounds out his top five with Nas.

Host Michael Wade stuck to music and got a chance to get into Grafh’s early days as a battle and he revealed just how cutthroat the verbal sport can be amidst true competitors, saying that losing a battle could result in getting beat up, but so could embarrassingly defeating your opponent.

Next, Wade gets into the Back in the Day segment where we chop it up with artists about what their childhood was like.

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