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Whether it’s a situationship or a one night stand, if you know you’re not going home for the night, you should definitely be prepared. Here are the things that you should cop in order to look and feel like your best self the morning after.


This one is self explanatory. Wrap it up so you don’t have to deal with the potential repercussions.

Try: Trojan Magnum Condoms ($7.95;


 We all know how uncomfortable second day underwear is. You’ll thank yourself later for packing a fresh pair.

Try: Calvin Klein Underwear Two-Pack Cotton Boxer Briefs  ($45;MRPORTER.COM


No time for a shower? These wipes will make your life (and body) way fresher.

Try: DUDE Shower Body Wipes ($9.99;


After working up a sweat in the evening, you know you’re high-key stank as hell. A few of swipes of deodorant should secure you.

Try: Degree Men Ultra Clear Black + White Deodorant ($3.47;

Toothbrush and Toothpaste 

As sweet as bae tasted last night, that feeling in your mouth the next morning is a different story. Save yourself from some harsh breath and get to brushing.

Try: Tom’s Luminous White Toothpaste ($4.99;


While this might seem a little extra, if you’re running from the house in the morning to get to brunch with your friends.

Try: CLEAN White Vetiver ($84;