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Don’t wait for Twitter to get involved in your love life.

Last week, @Wes_03 shared a post stating that he’d been volleying funny and sarcastic texts with a Tinder flame for three years but the two still hadn’t met. The tweet went viral, garnering plenty of commentary and a not-so gentle nudge from the good folks at Twitter, who offered to facilitate a meet-up in real life (IRL). Will it be a love match? Maybe not. But there is some value in clipping those loose strings in your love life. Scores of people simply don’t make the time to meet folks they are “supposed to connect with” IRL. It’s easy to get busy between school, work, grown-up responsibilities and getting your Summer Savage on. And ignoring that potentially awkward first date maintains its no-brainer status until that one really, really lonely night, right?

Still, there is something else to consider…what if you’re missing out on your person????

There’s also another hard fact: that fantasy you’ve created about the other person becomes null and void once you smell his or her breath IRL. Still, there is something else to consider…what if you’re missing out on your person???? You know that girl or guy who absolutely gets your off-brand humor, gives bomb-a** head and…you actually don’t mind her or his morning breath. What if the one individual who gets your obsession with reruns of Martin, classic Reeboks and buying penny stocks was the one coffee date you never made? Don’t let it happen. Stop stalling on making a date that you know needs to happen.

Here are five people you finally have to meet IRL.

The Cool Auntie’s Hook-Up

There are some older relatives that you hangout with due to obligation, others by choice. Both are important, but the latter person (someone you call just to talk to or look forward to having dinner with) likely gets what makes you tick, so if he or she has done some real vetting—not the “ya’ll look good on paper” thing—there is a high chance that the individual selected is someone who is actually pretty dope IRL.

The High School Crusher

More than five years out of high school? Then it’s time to check out the person who was absolutely in love with you, but you “just didn’t see that way.” There’s a good chance that this individual did some maturing (or upgrading) over the last few years and is likely not as nervous around you as she or he used to be. Check out a few of your social media posts, and if he or she is liking your pics that love jones is still likely brewing. Slide into the DMs and set up a casual drink IRL.

The Ex Everyone Swears Changed

Now, some folks do need to be barred from your life forever, but there are those who evolve and deserve a second chance. If you have an ex who you’ve had exceptional chemistry with and all your of reliable sources claim she or he is now on the up and up, have at least one IRL conversation. You never know what can happen.

Elementary School Bestie

The tween years were likely the last time you’ve had an opposite sex bestie that you didn’t consider engaging in sweaty, freaky sex with at least once. That person was also someone you enjoyed chilling out with, got your sense of humor and shared a few of your interests…you see where this is leading. If you haven’t seem her or him in while, you should definitely set up an IRL catch up session. Be ready for the sparks.

Your BFF’s Top Pick

This is self-explanatory. Your best friend understands things about you that you can’t even articulate. If he or she has a “person of interest” for you this individual is surely going to be 100%. Make the time to meet this winner IRL—even if you’re absolutely not ready for a relationship. You’ll probably make the friend you never knew you needed…and isn’t it better to be pals before lovers?