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Jay-Z got it right when he said, “Being broke is childish and I’m quite grown.” Still, getting your money all the way right is much easier said than done.

The endless hustle to balance enjoying life while saving, maintaining good credit and planning for future goals (houses, cars and retirement) makes being a financially responsible adult pretty hard. That’s why keeping your wallet on the money requires more than just having a few responsible dudes in your crew to chop it up with― you need motivation 24/7.  The good news is that social media can definitely do the trick. According to Adweek, most folks spend at least 40 minutes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily. So why not make the most of that time?

Ready to stay motivated about your finances? Here are a few financial pros to follow on social media that will help you get and keep your money on point.

1 Tonya Rapley

The founder of My Fab Finance is all about helping millennials get beyond the stress of living paycheck to paycheck. Her Facebook group, My Fab Finance Triumph Club, is filled with positive posts that make you feel good about taking the right steps towards financial freedom. Despite having more than 6,000 members, Rapley still makes time to interact with her followers and answer questions in a timely manner.

Twitter handle: @myfabfinance

Following: 56.1K

2 Dominique Broadway

The Bowie State University alum is now one of the leading financial experts for millennials. Broadway uses social media to promote her “Dreams 2 Reality” platform, and on any given day there’s a combination of motivational quotes and images of her traveling the world. Her expertise has been featured in leading brands around the nation ranging from Forbes to EBONY.

Twitter Handle: @MsFinanceCoach

Following: 32.1K

3 Chris Hogan

The former All-American football player is all about the financial big picture now; he wants his followers to focus on living the good life now and later. Most people plan on retiring at some point, and Hogan shares simple strategies on crafting your financial life for just that purpose. Every day his posts give followers tips on getting and remaining debt free, and making calculated moves to retire like a boss.

Twitter Handle: @chrishogan360

Following: 15.4K

4 Mabel Nuez

Nuez is the founder of Girls on the Money (fellas, you can join in, too), an ideal group for folks who want to upgrade their finances in a significant way. This movement is about more than developing the discipline to be a good saver. The platform is all about learning to use stocks to build financial stability—and GOTM keeps things simple. Get your money up and start investing. Classes are even available.

Twitter Handle: @GirlsOnTheMoney

Following: 22K

5 Marsha Horton Barnes

The Finance Bar offers a 360 approach to financial independence—think starting from the bottom. This group discusses everything from avoiding overdrafts to creating a financial plan to building credit. Barnes’ daily posts encourage followers to commit to upgrading every aspect of the way they interact with money, and to get right back on track if they fall off.

Twitter Handle: @thefinancebar

Following: 60.5K