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Tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day, and instead of hating on the “ridiculousness” of the next 24 hours, use it to your advantage.

Fifty dollars can change your life. Earn some extra points with the woman you’re feeling by treating her— and even one platonic friend— to something you know they’ll enjoy. Why? Well, for starters, women like feeling special. Her friends will automatically think you’re a boss because you’re treating her with care. Plus you’ll earn a little favor with them, which means they’ll cut you a bit of slack when you commit small infractions (for clarity, think lateness or forgetting to text after a work event, not cheating or throwing hands). Don’t think of it as a payoff— view it as an investment in happiness for the both of you. Here are some gifting ideas that won’t break your budget.

Fifty dollars can change your life.

1 Mani/pedi.

Most women have a mani/pedi spot that they absolutely love. Take a little time and make a quick stop to get a gift certificate, or give her enough cash to cover the services for herself and a couple of her friends. You’ll receive even more points by giving enough money to cover the tip.

2 Happy Hour.

Half price drinks provide a big bang for the buck, since $50 can land 5-10 drinks depending on the venue. Pick a place that you know your girl loves and that’s conveniently located by her job or home. Make sure she has an Uber or taxi service on dial so everyone can get home safely.

3Gift passes to her favorite gym class.

Now if you randomly give your girl a class pass she’ll assume you think she’s fat— don’t do that. However, if you’re thorough, and know she loves a certain spin class, gifting passes for her and the A-team is a sure win.

4 Work lunch.

This is only a good present if your girl has real work friends or has an office near her besties. If either is the case, pick a lunch spot you know they’ll like and has great specials. You might spend $50-100 bucks but best believe they will spend their time on appetizers, talking about how awesome you are.

5 Weekend brunch spot.

Sometimes the work week is crazy and folks simply can’t get away— luckily there’s the weekend. Think of the brunch locale that you know your lady loves most, call it up, make a reservation and pre-pay over the phone. It’s an easy win… and gives you a little extra free time.

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