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The Main Event

Source: Netflix / The Main Event

Seth Carr is a relatively fresh face in the acting world, but don’t get it twisted; he is not a newbie to the game. The Anaheim, California native’s career kicked off as a baby model when he was just three months old. As he got older, he caught the acting bug landing roles in shows like Ray Donovan, Superstore, Bosch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Code Black, as well as Nickelodeon’s original comedy series Knight Squad.

He would later go on to land a lead role as Gabrielle Union‘s son in the suspense/thriller Breaking In and play young Killmonger in the historic Marvel Studios epic, Black Panther. Now for his most significant flex, Carr landed the leading role in the Netflix Original film, The Main Event.

The Main Event

Source: Netflix / The Main Event

We caught up with the star of the new Netflix original movie, The Main Event, while he is currently like the rest of us hunkered down at home due to the coronavirus global pandemic. In the film, Carr plays 11-year-old Leo Thompson, who stumbles upon a magic wrestling mask that grants him the ability of super strength. He decides to put his newly acquired talents to use and partake in WWE Next competition that comes to town in hopes of becoming a WWE superstar with the help of his grandmother played by Tichina Arnold, who is also a WWE fanatic.

He quickly finds out even though he has super strength, it’s still hard lifting that heavy burden of balancing school life, being there for his friends, and taking on bullies.

Cassius Life: Is acting something you always knew you wanted to do?

Seth Carr: Oh yeah, I mean the first time I saw people on television I knew I wanted to do that.

CL: What is your favorite television show to watch?

SC: Uh, my favorite show I mean I haven’t been really watching a lot shows recently. I have just been watching like a bunch of YouTube videos.

CL: So what was it like working with Tichina Arnold and the rest of the cast in the movie?

SC: It was really cool. They all have really like funny personalities and are very jokey and stuff but like they did a really good job.

The Main Event

Source: Netflix / The Main Event

CL: Yes, they did. The Main Event revolves around wrestling, of course, are you a big WWE fan?

SC: Yeah, I mean, I’ve watched a little WWE before I started the film stuff. I definitely like have watched more WWE over time, and I find it to be pretty fun.

CL: Do you have a favorite WWE wrestler you enjoy rooting for?

SC: Um favorite wrestler…  Uh, probably not. I mean, I got to watch like a couple more episodes before I get one.

The Main Event

Source: Netflix / The Main Event

CL: All good, there’s a lot of wrestlers to choose from, so we definitely understand. In the movie, your character Seth grows up in a single-parent household. Based on your experience in the film, what advice would you have for a kid who is growing up in a similar situation?

SC: Um, just like always keep your head up, never keep your head down. You always have people on your side and stuff, but there are always people around you that will help you. Also, by making friends at your school. But just keep your head up, never put your head down. You gotta be confident.

The Main Event

Source: Netflix / The Main Event

CL: That’s a great answer. Another huge topic the movie touched on was bullying. What advice would you give to kids who have encounter bullies?

SC: Like get away from that stuff because you don’t want to be situated with that stuff. It’s just bad vibes all around, and bullying is not okay. So people that have been bullied like some of them are really sad and stuff. So just like get away from those situations and then stick with like your closest friends.

CL: Great advice, have you ever been bullied?

SC: No.

CL: We’re in different times now due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we are being instructed to stay home. We know you are currently home-schooling right now. How else are you keeping yourself busy and occupied at home?

SC: Um, well, I am playing a good amount of video games. I’ve kinda just been playing with my dog. It’s actually kind of been relaxing honestly.

CL: You know you’re the first person we heard say that.

SC: Really?

CL: Yeah, we really appreciate the positive outlook on staying home, it is very relaxing. Everyone is saying they’re bored.

CL: So tell us what video games are you playing right now?

SC: So like all my friends are playing Fortnite and stuff, so ill play Fortnite with them. I also got Call of Duty: Warzone.

CL: How good are you in Call of Duty?

SC: Ummm, pretty good, I haven’t played in a while, but I will say I’m better in Black Ops 4.

CL: Outside of The Main Event, are there any other projects you are working on? Anything else the people can look forward to seeing you in?

SC: I have a HULU series that is coming out.

CL: We are looking forward to that.

The Main Event is streaming now on Netflix and also stars Adam Pally, Ken Marino, and features WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston, The Miz, and Sheamus.

Photo: Netflix / The Main Event