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MENSECURE Podcast Cover Art

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Last week, CASSIUS premiered the “MENSECURE Podcast.” The series is dedicated to providing commentary on the hit HBO show Insecure from a man’s perspective. Episode 1 received a lot of praise by #LawrenceHive and #Issapologists alike, and CASSIUS is looking to continue the momentum with Episode 2. In the newest episode, we recap the third episode of the season.

Hosts Cory Townes and Mouse Jones address the chaos erupting from the #LawrenceHive after Lawrence’s actions, and immediately call an emergency Hive meeting. Other topics of discussion include Mouse’s new segment “The War Report,” Frieda and Issa’s frosty work relationship, the importance of being a proper wingman/wingwoman, Molly’s awkward moment at the furniture store, and Lawrence hitting the eject button at Tasha’s family cookout.

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